Exit interviews

Hi! I’d like to get some insight. What are some of the best exit interview questions for employees leaving the company? Do you have any tips and pieces of advice for the exit interview process?

I’d like to work more actively to learn from departing employees and push management to improve our retention policies.

Hi Syeda! If your organization is like mine (or everyone’s in The Great Resignation), I bet you are losing employees fast. It’s super wise of you to conduct exit interviews in order to find out where your organization can stand to improve.

To get the most insight possible, you’ll want to start with the recruitment process and make sure your questions touch on every phase of the employee life cycle.

  1. Recruitment: Do new hires understand the role they were signing up for? Are the responsibilities of the role clearly defined? Are they realistic?
  2. Onboarding: Are new employees to learn more about their role and their goals? Do they have what they need to do their job well? Do they feel included?
  3. Culture: Do they believe in the product? Future of the company? Do they understand the mission/vision?, etc.

The goal will be to find where, exactly, your business is letting people down. Remember, there might be several problems. Or, conversely, there may just be one.

Make sure to check in about salary and benefits. We talk a lot about work culture here but you need to be offering competitive salaries and benefits as a baseline.

Good luck!